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About Me

Hello! and Welcome to my website!✨

My name is Nadia Aisyah🌸

Im 20 years old from Indonesia 🇮🇩💖

And Im a self taught Digital Artist!🐢💕

I have 3+ years experience as a digital art and drawing artist!

Special thank’s to my brother Rifqi Mulyawan for helping me promoting my service and creating my website design.

About Nadia Aisyah Digital Art And Drawing Artist From Indonesia

My Work

I draw fanarts, mostly from my hero academia, sometimes just a doodle from a random anime.

Yeah! I do take commissions from others (for those that interested to commission me ofc haha) ✨

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Contact me for details on creating and drawing digital projects, project art, progress, timing, services, budget or for negotiable prices.